About Janine Mannion-Jones

Janine has been potting since the age of seven when she attended Saturday morning art classes at the Penmore site of Chesterfield College of Art and was tutored by Chris Yensen. She continued her pottery throughout her working life and at the age of 40 when she gave up her day job as a Home Economics teacher she went to the Chesterfield Road site of West Nottinghamshire College and completed a National Diploma in Three Dimensional studies and  an A level in Three Dimensional Art. JMJ Pottery was set up in September 1996 in the Corner Workshop at 138 Ashgate Road Chesterfield and existed there for 5 years. The Pottery moved to 140 Chatsworth Road in 2001 and the public can now visit the shop and workshop to order and see their pots being and thrown. Janine has been a member of Peak District Artisans since 1998 and exhibits with them regularly.


The Pottery is Versatile and Attractive

The pots are made to be practical, useful, bright, colourful and attractive. The clay that I use is high quality stoneware which is robust and takes the glaze well to give good colour.

Useful and Practical

The domestic stoneware is oven-to-tableware that can be used in conventional electric, gas, fuel burning and microwave ovens. The pots are also dishwasher proof.


Prices start at £3, all work is individual and I will work out a price when you order. There is a guide price chart.

Great Gift Ideas My pots make excellent gifts for any occasion, all the pottery can be personalized with names and dates that you supply for special people to you and special occasions.


Unique and Individual

Each pot is individually throw, turned, glazed and fired. You choose the glaze from the glaze swatch page, the shape from the pottery shapes page and any lettering for pots to be given as special gifts for births, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and christenings , (I also make urns and plaques). If you require more information on the glazes and techniques that I use please contact me.

Stoneware is more robust and hardwearing than earthenware

My pots are made from a very plastic stoneware clay body which I source directly from the manufacturers (Valentines Clay) in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. The stoneware clay is a wonderful medium for throwing and modelling. It is a light buff and takes the coloured glazes well. I bisque fire my pots in Electric kilns to 960`c and then glaze fire in an oxidizing atmosphere to 1260`c. I have computerized programmers for my kilns that regulate the temperatures to obtain good results with each firing.. The high firing means that the glaze attaches to the surface of the clay so does not easily chip. The pottery is not porous, and does not hold water within the pot as earthenware pottery does. The pots are therefore very durable and hard wearing. They are oven proof, dishwasher proof and frost proof.                                                                                             

They will withstand harsh detergents and high temperatures. (However sudden thermal impact may shatter the pot i.e. plunging a hot dish into cold water, or a cold dish onto a hot-plate is not advised).

My pottery is made on the principle of form follows function; I make useful and practical pottery. I am willing to consider whatever shape you may require (that is if I can throw it on my electric wheel).

Stone ware pottery is more expensive to produce and therefore to buy than earthenware pottery, this is because the clay is more expensive and the pots are fired twice and to a higher temperature, but the extra cost is returned to you in the lifetime of the pots.

Price Guide

Our price guide will give you an idea of what each product costs,. If you need to know more just call.

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We can make virtually anything to order. Our catalogue shows the most common items.

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We have a selection of glazes to choose from, We can produce any product from your choice.

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We provide pottery lessons, classes, workshops and even pottery holidays from our shop in Chesterfield.

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